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Proslab Australian First

Renishaw 3D Removable Partial Denture (RPD) Manufacturing in Australian first at Proslab's Melbourne facility.

eLABORATE magazine interviewed Damian Synefias from Proslab Dental where he comments on their new additive manufacturing (AM) technology for removable partial dentures (RPDs): "With the help of Renishaw and the state-of-the-art AM 400 laser printer, we are now in a position to produce the most accurate 'casting' for the patient that there is. It allows us to be more confident in our work with none of the dimensional change in the framework that we had become accustomed to from traditional techniques."


In the article Mr Synefias talks about "an Australian first, a unique 3D laser printer built in the UK by global specialists Renishaw is now up and running at Proslab's high-end Melbourne facility and is ready to provide superior quality and output. Renishaw's additive manufacturing systems use metal powder bed fusion technology to build complex components direct from digital CAD files".


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Proslab Dental Laborotory understands that choosing a dental laboratory is an important decision that requires careful deliberation. Unlike many other dental labs, Proslab are a Full Service solution with all work proudly manufactured inhouse using superior products and highly trained professionals. This allows us to provide you with unequaled quality, service and turnarounds at a competitive price compared to labs using offshore services.


Melbourne Digital Denture Clinic Testimonials

If you're a Seniors Card holder, Proslab Dental offers you a free consultation and 10% discount on the latest digital dentures, partial dentures, chromes and bridges. Click here to view the offer. To activate the discount at the time of booking, please bring along your Seniors Card.