Proslab Dental has revolutionised dentures. We use the latest dental technology to give you the best fit. Upgrade to digital dentures and create the perfect smile!
Digital Dentures
Perfect fit for a perfect smile
Fit first time
No more mouth sores
Fewer appointments (2 to 3)
Natural appearance with increased strength
More hygienic and no bad breath
Easily replaceable

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Melbourne Digital Denture Clinic Testimonials

If you're a Seniors Card holder, Proslab Dental offers you a free consultation and 10% discount on the latest digital dentures, partial dentures, chromes and bridges. Click here to view the offer. To activate the discount at the time of booking, please bring along your Seniors Card.


Melbourne Digital Denture Clinic Testimonials


New Digital Dentures Gives new Lease on Life
"Selecting Proslab Dental for my new set of dentures was the best decision I've made in 20 years"

For years, Fai wore ill-fitting traditional dentures for lack of a better alternative. They caused innumerable problems ... Food would often be caught between the denture and Fai's gums, making the simple act of eating difficult. Fai also suffered with a misaligned bite, and her dentures would even fall out of place when she talked.

Sadly, this is a common fate experienced by many in our local community.

When Fai heard about Proslab's precise digital denture technology, she immediately made an appointment. After Fai's first appointment, Proslab started the Digital process to create her perfectly fitting dentures. For Fai enduring old-fashioned moulds and endless denture adjustments was a thing of the past.

"Selecting Proslab Dental for my new set of dentures was the best decision I've made in 20 years," says Fai.

The technicians at Proslab realigned Fai's bite, which has filled out her lips and jaw line. Eating is now a joy, and the worry about slipping dentures when speaking has evaporated thanks to the digital process, which provides excellent suction and grip.

With such a comfortable and realistic result, it would take a specialist to spot the difference between natural teeth and Fai's new digital dentures. Most importantly, Fai's confidence and enjoyment of life has skyrocketed. In Fai's words: "Now I'm thrilled to show off my smile rather than hide it."



Melbourne Digital Denture Clinic Testimonials


Smiling Through the Festive Season
"No more loose dentures. No more uncomfortable sore gums."

Brian and Marie are looking forward to Christmas and comfortably eating a Christmas roast. For many years they have suffered with painful dentures that don't fit. "Our dentures were loose and it was a daily problem" says Burwood resident Brian.

Brian has upper and lower dentures whilst Marie wears a partial denture. Their friend Andrea has new digital dentures. Despite being sceptical and not understanding what a digital or laser denture really means she is excited to have dentures that fit and were made within days.

"Today digital and laser dental technology delivers accurate full / partial Chrome Dentures precisely crafting a custom fit, eliminating loose dentures, rubbing and sore gums." says CEO Damian Synefias, Proslab Dental.

Proslab has its own dental laboratory and clinic on site. Dentures are made using locally sourced materials, delivering fast turnaround times for patients. With the aid of technology and their manufacturing process they supply a more accurate fitting denture and removable appliance making it easier to wear.

"We opened the clinic to serve the local community and provide relief for patients who had lost their smile and their social confidence. We have helped many local residents smile again. No more loose dentures. No more uncomfortable or sore gums." says Damian.

Proslab is part of the Seniors Program offering seniors discounts and healthcare rebates. Patients can also tour the lab to see how digital and laser dentures are made. If you're having a denture issue call Damian on 8809 0500 to book your complimentary appointment. Soon you'll be enjoying festive treats with confidence.



Melbourne Digital Denture Clinic Testimonials


"I've had seven sets of traditional dentures and spent thousands of dollars on refitting. Now I smile with confidence! The fitting of my new dentures was so easy and quick. I was also very impressed with the new scanning technology. I haven't looked back"
- Joan, Camberwell