About Us

Established over 25 years ago by Damian Synefias, Proslab Dental Laboratory has long enjoyed a well earned impeccable reputation. Proslab quickly set itself apart from the field with its well known use of innovative technology and production techniques. With a constant eye on global industry trends, coupled with its highly regarded and unequalled customer service, Proslab has seen continual growth and is now considered one of the largest and most technologically advanced dental laboratories in Victoria.


Proslab Dental Laboratory has answered the call from dentists and prosthetists to have a ‘one stop shop’ to handle all of their patients’ requirements. We cater exclusively to all the needs of the dental profession so that all your work can be done and managed at the same place with consistent high standards at the best prices.  And best of all, Proslab GUARANTEE all our products are Certified Australian made.


Our Administrative team together with our drivers and our team of highly experienced technicians, provide efficient and reliable support to all our clients and ensure consistently high quality products in large quantities by using state of the art technology.