Placing your order with Proslab is quick and easy. Just follow these 2 simple steps:

Click here to download and fill out your Proslab Prescription Form and attach the form together with your patient case.
Contact us for pickup:
• By Phone (03) 8809 0500, or
• If you're an existing client, access the Proslab Portal and click on the link 'pick ups'.

Your request will then be automatically placed into the drivers next available scheduled route.

Our drivers will then be sent FREE of charge to collect your work. All your work will be completed in a predetermined turnaround time and delivered straight back to you. The invoice will be sent with each job payable within 30 days and can be paid via credit card, cheque or internet banking. All invoices are also accessible through the Proslab Portal and can be paid online at your convenience.


How much simpler can it be?