Proslab's work in cobalt chrome dentures is exquisite. The castings are beautifully designed and manufactured to produce castings that are comfortable and precise. They are also great to work with. Their clinical understanding and approachability means that no matter how complex the case, I've always achieved an excellent result in a very efficient manner. Dr Damian Clarke, Clarke Dental
Hello Damian, As a loyal customer of your Laboratory, I would like to sincerely thank you and your excellent staff for providing ongoing first class workmanship and praiseworthy attention to detail, such that placement or insertion of the finished item could not be easier! Chair side time is absolutely minimized and the patients really appreciate that. In addition, the punctuality of pick up and drop off is to be commended absolutely. Your reception and courier staff are so pleasantly courteous: they bring exceptional value to your organisation. I thank you again very sincerely. Dr John F. Wilde
We have been extremely unsuccessful finding a Laboratory who can really take care of what we are looking for. Ever since we were recommended Proslab some five years ago, I can honestly say I am looking no further. From Crown & Bridge, Prosthetics, Ortho and Cad Cam Vitallium partials, Damian and his team of highly skilled technicians, fulfill our demanding expectations, and with a smile. Nothing is ever a problem and we can always rely on Proslab's response on every case. Adinas Dental Surgery highly recommends Proslab Dental to any clinician who is looking for a laboratory that provides high end products and exceptional service. Dr Kedar Samant, Adinas Dental Clinic
We've always had a consistent reliable service. Staff have always been very friendly and accommodating. In cases of emergencies, Proslab have been able to process jobs in a shorter time frame whilst still maintaining excellent final results. Etta Liang, Precision Dentures
Professional, reliable, accurate, will listen, will advise, courteous. After 42 yrs in dental prosthetics, very happy to recommend Proslab Dental. Greg Blazely, Dental Prosthetist
Hi Damian, my opinion on your products: 1, great service, 2, get what you ask for unless not feasible or could be done better, 3, 100% success rate, 4, easy to be contacted to discuss things, 5, nothing is too hard to do, 6, staff helpful and friendly, 7, quality of workmanship is great and price is great for services received. Thanks very much, Peter. Peter McDermott, Denture Direct, Mermaid Waters
Products are fantastic; extremely good fit on the castings. You guys communicate well with us if you think the outcome can be improved in some way from our initial designs. Services; the girls that answer the phones are amazing!! - always friendly and willing to have a joke; go out of the way to chase up jobs that are coming by courier. Kathy Danocouras, Nick Danacouras, & Sam Robertson, KND Denture Clinic
Ia sou Damian,, can I just say HE'S DA MAN and leave it at that, lol. Seriously, I have been using the services of Proslab for 20 years and find them to be a lab that delivers their promises. I have been very happy with the standard of work, especially their Chrome Dentures, their service and their consistency. Damian is passionate about his trade and runs an excellent organisation that services our practices prosthetic needs exceptionally well. Dr George Nitsopoulos, Hoppers Crossing Dental
Prompt response in dealing with arisen issues. All Proslab staff have the most professional and courteous manner towards the enquiries. A big thanks to all admin staff especially Rosie with her courteous manner. Appreciate all the hard work put into my requests by Damian and Harp. A big thank to all the drivers who do their job on time and make our life easier. Also thanks to all technicians who do the main bulk of the job. Dr Mehran Garoosy, Senior Dentist, Monash Health Community
Thank you Damian for giving me the opportunity to comment on your business/practice PROSLAB DENTAL. On visiting your establishment, I was impressed immediately with the professional approach and image conveyed. After having been introduced to personnel, an orientation of the work place and latest practices and processes, I am assured the business you have developed would meet the needs of any dental professional aiming to provide their patients with a product of high quality, accuracy and all achieved at a competitive price. Why go overseas? Steve Watchorn, Dentures Clinic Howrah
Proslab is a pleasure to work with. I can always feel confident that I will get a fantastic result from Proslab and I can send patients directly to Damian knowing they will be well looked after. Damian is always abreast of the latest developments with dental technology and invests in his Dental Lab. I see Damian and his team at Proslab as part of our team, in delivering a high standard of workmanship and care. Dr Robert Harper, Richmond Fine Dentistry