SensAble™ is the first dental CAD/CAM system to support the production process for partial frameworks, as well as full contour crown and bridge. The SensAble™ Dental Lab System brings a new dimension to digital restorations™. We are able to offer a digital framework solution for greater accuracy, lighter castings combined with an even profile, giving your patients a more comfortable stronger framework. Retention is improved by accurately engaging the undercuts using the latest digital software. Our experienced technicians now have the ability to create precise and consistent frameworks with the personal attention that your patients deserve.




SNAP Instant Dental Imaging is a remarkable photo imaging system which allows you to quickly present patients with side by side comparisons of their current teeth and how they could look with services such as veneers, implants and whitenings.

It's the perfect subtle marketing tool - a powerful and unique ability for dentists to generate new business and improve customer satisfaction. Just snap every customer and present them with the before and after photo after each visit or present patients requiring more complicated treatment with an approximation of how they will look while patients can take the handy pocket-sized before/after simulation photo home to show their spouse, another powerful advantage.



Ivobase Injector™

Proslab Dental Laboratory's new IvoBase Injector permits a fully automated, controlled injection and polymerization procedure of special PMMA resins which are coordinated with the system.

To enable the fabrication of denture bases featuring a higher accuracy of fit and precision,
the chemical shrinkage of the resin is entirely compensated for during polymerization thanks to the patented temperature control system in the flask and the heater.

The Injector has been especially developed for the IvoBase material and permits excellent restorations. The IvoBase Injector can also be used for the tried-and-tested SR Ivocap material.

With the IvoBase Injector, Proslab Dental Laboratory can expand the system with additional units to handle increased customer demand and can obtain denture bases at the push of a button with a cleaner steam-free process and optional reduction of monomer residue.


  • • "All-in-one" injector, quick and easy setting into operation possible
  • • Controlled polymerization shrinkage for optimal accuracy of fit
  • • No water and compressed air connection necessary (plug and play)
  • • Compact, modern and ergonomic design; requires only a small space
  • • OSD indicator: current operating status visible from a great distance
  • • RMR key for a clear reduction of the residual monomer content
  • • USB port for software updates via PC/Internet
  • • Direct flask heating without water bath permits polymerization without annoying steam
  • • High maintenance friendliness and easy replacement of the heating elements due to the removable cover
  • • Versatile injector with various Ivoclar Vivadent and reserve programs



3D Laser Printed Partial Dentures

In an Australian first, a unique 3D laser printer built in the UK by global specialists Renishaw is now up and running at Proslab's high-end Melbourne facility and is ready to provide superior quality and output. Renishaw's additive manufacturing systems use metal powder bed fusion technology to build complex components direct from digital CAD files. That may sound like a mouthful, but the breakthrough to unquestionable accuracy has important benefits. For prosthesists, it means that they are now able to enhance their offering in terms of their reputation, service quality and customer service. For patients, an accurate partial denture that fits perfectly first time and is immediately comfortable will definitely put a smile on their face.


For more information, visit our 3D Laser Printing Digital Denture page..




IPS e.max CAD is an innovative, powerful lithium disilicate glass ceramic that, thanks to its system components fulfils every demand to meet individual patients' needs and allows you to offer your patients impeccable aesthetic restorations, which are also characterized by high mechanical strength.




The most innovative and comprehensive dental lab management software on the market which manages case scheduling and tracking reducing any margin of error.




To further enhance our workflow and customer service, Proslab Dental utilises a delivery barcode system to ensure all deliveries are made efficiently and securely. Every delivery is scanned on departure and the use of IntelliTrac GPS Tracking - Australia's largest GPS tacking company - provides up to the second whereabouts of all our delivery vehicles for the ultimate in accurate service delivery.


All our products are manufactured in-house with only the best materials purchased form the most reputable suppliers such as; Ivoclar Vivodent and Dentsply Australia. We assure accuracy in; all surveying; digitally scanned models; controlled thickness and strength on all castings; total comfort and long term satisfaction. A Certificate of Authenticity is issued with every CAD-CAM partial stating that our products are Australian made. We also have our own in-house Dental Clinic for your convenience.


Proslab provides FREE prompt and efficient pick up and delivery. Our drivers use the latest technology state of the art GPS tracking system that guarantees your product is monitored every step of the way and ensures delivery on time every time.


Just read our testimonials and you will see why Proslab Dental Laboratory is a market leader in innovative technology and impeccable service.